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Appleton, Wisconsin, United States
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$96,500.00 - $107,200.00
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The Appleton Area School District has a position available for a Coordinator of Title I, II, Staff Development, Educator Effectiveness, and Even Start Family Literacy beginning July 1, 2024

Education Required: Master’s Degree in a related field (i.e. educational leadership, elementary/early childhood, etc.)

Licensure Required: Reading Intervention/Teacher (1316), Reading Specialist (1317) Principal (5051) and Director of Instruction (5010)

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Steve Harrison
Assistant Superintendent - Assessment, Curriculum & Instruction
Appleton Area School District



Job Title:  Coordinator of Title I & II, Staff Development, Educator Effectiveness, and Even Start Family Literacy

Classification/Contract Days: 260

FLSA Status: (Exempt)

Relationships: Direct Supervisor - Assistant Superintendent for Assessment, Curriculum & Instruction

Essential Functions:  

  • To provide leadership and coordination of continuous school improvement efforts for Title I & Title II programming throughout the district.

  • To promote a culture of continuous improvement that advances practices leading to the highest quality instruction and learning, focused especially on our students receiving Title I services/supports.

  • To help build a positive school community that values and promotes culturally responsive and inclusive education practices.

  • To provide collaboration and support to the Early Childhood community as a member of the Early Childhood administrative team.

1. Title I Coordinator

  • Lead the development, writing, and implementation of the district Title I ESEA Grant & LEA Narrative

  • Work with administrators and teachers at Title I (Public/Private) schools to build and maintain a positive school community that values and promotes effective Title I programming focused on meeting student engagement and learning needs

  • Develop a district plan to support coordinated Title I (Public/Private) programming efforts

  • Coordinate Title I needs assessment implementation and data usage to support continuous school improvement 

  • Provide staff development and networking opportunities for administrators and teachers to support the development of effective Title I programming throughout the district

  • Actively develop, facilitate and engage in and with site, district, regional and state continuous school improvement efforts

  • Provide supervision, evaluation program development within the Title I Preschool Programming

  • Maintenance of budget, grants, financials in support of programming (Public/Private)

  • Coordinate and maintain in support of ESSA Grants/Foster-Homeless Grants

2. Title II Coordinator

  • Plan, coordinate and manage the Title I and Title IIa budgets (public and private).

  • Assist in writing project proposals.

  • Coordinate ESSA Grants

3. Professional Development

  • Work collaboratively with the the AASD leadership team to plan, coordinate, and communicate professional development

  • Manage professional development requests in Frontline Education. 

  • Identify and ensure best practices are used in providing professional development opportunities. 

  • Provide systems for staff access to professional resources, materials, innovative ideas and expertise.

  • Work with teacher leaders, ACI and Student Services administrators, and principals to identify and coordinate staff development needs.

  • Oversee approval of master’s degree program requests

  • Assist with teacher induction, as needed.

4. Leadership in Employee Evaluations and Educator Effectiveness (EE)

  • Provide District oversight of EE including My Learning Plan (MLP). 

  • Coordinate effective EE implementation across the district.

  • Facilitate and manage Teachscape Educator Effectiveness calibration.

  • Work with Technology Services to develop training for administrators.

5. Even Start Family Literacy Coordinator:

  • Oversee the enrollment, attendance, and hiring processes within AASD ESFL programming.

  • Coordinate implementation/progress monitoring of the CSIP Scorecard, ESFL end of year report

  • Attend/lead regularly scheduled meetings with FVTC Adult and AASD EC staff; including PLC

  • Review and/or assess AASD Even Start collaborations with community partners to ensure needs of families and children are being met (i.e. CELC Partners, Catalpa, FVTC, Kindness Project)

  • Supervision and evaluation of AASD ESFL early childhood staff

  • Supervision and evaluation of the AASD Family Specialist Coordinator and home visitors

  • Maintenance of budgets, Title 1, grants, financials in support of programming 

Responsibilities, Tasks & Duties:

Initiates/maintains staff collaboration to maintain high quality educational opportunities for all students:

  • Establish, coordinate and supervise implementation of collaborative learning opportunities for all students based on student data analysis

  • Serve as liaison between students and groups regarding students, school, career, and community

  • Engage with various individuals and local, state, and national groups relating to students, schools and societal issues

Orientation, Evaluation and Supervision of Personnel:

  • Shares responsibilities of hiring personnel with the administrative team in accordance with District procedures.

  • Take an active role in recruiting diverse staff

  • Assists in the induction/orientation processes and procedures for new personnel

  • Supervises assigned educators and support staff and addresses performance through District protocol

  • Evaluates assigned educators and support staff in accordance with established evaluation systems

  • Provides professional development opportunities to staff in areas of expertise

Effectively communicates, collaborates, and engages stakeholders to promote a safe and welcoming school environment for all students to succeed:

  • Create opportunities in collaboration with staff for a personalized educational community for students

  • Maintain visibility and accessibility to all stakeholders

  • Collaborate and network with district colleagues, the community and other stakeholders to effectively utilize the resources and expertise available

  • Provide a variety of resources and opportunities to assist family partners in assisting students

Advocates, develops, and nurtures, an inclusive, welcoming climate:

  • Use data and incorporate knowledge of the social, cultural, emotional, trauma-sensitivity, and behavioral dynamics of the school community to cultivate a welcoming and safe school environment

  • Provide an environment in which children and caregivers have a positive, nurturing relationship with caring adults by encouraging a climate that is inviting, respectful, supportive, inclusive, and flexible

  • Understand the developmentally appropriate of individual students and their needs (academic and social/emotional)

Demonstrates behavior consistent with legal, ethical, and professional standards, and by engaging in continuous professional development and contributing to the profession:

  • Model professional behavior and is culturally responsive to students, staff, and other stakeholders

  • Provide leadership in sharing ideas and information with staff, students, families and community partners

  • Assume responsibility for own professional growth and learning to positively shape school effectiveness


  • Perform such other related responsibilities as may be assigned


Required Experience and Training:

  • Minimum of a Master’s Degree in a related field (i.e. educational leadership, elementary/early childhood, etc.)

  • Required Licenses: 316 Reading Intervention/Teacher,  317 Reading Specialist, Principal (51), Director of Instruction (10)

Essential Skills, Knowledge, and Abilities:

  • Knowledge and experience with English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics instructional best practices; understanding of the ELMSS framework, and interventions within these content areas

  • Effective oral, written, and interpersonal skills

  • Knowledge of effective professional development and coaching strategies with adults

  • Knowledge and understanding of early childhood and developmentally appropriate practices

  • Knowledge of district and school operations and practices

  • Experience with developing family and community partnerships at various levels within a culturally responsive environment

  • Knowledge and experience with the Continuous School Improvement Process (CSIP)

  • Understanding in the Needs Assessment process for supporting Title I CSIP Plans

  • Skill in collection, analysis, and use of data for decision-making

  • Commitment and ability to act with integrity, fairness and in an ethical manner

  • Ability to be an integral member of the ACI team and share in the responsibility of guiding and facilitating staff in the creation of a positive learning environment for the school educational community

  • Ability to work with diverse students, staff, families, and community organizations

  • Embrace forward thinking and research-based analysis

  • Knowledge of curriculum and instruction practices

  • Background in hiring, supervision, and evaluation of staff

Working Environment:

  • Must be able to report to work in person and onsite

  • Occasionally exposed to outside weather conditions (i.e.; bus duty, recess, fire drills, field day)

  • May be exposed to sick and/or injured students and staff

  • Work involves disruptions of daily schedule

  • Work involves frequent deadlines under pressure

  • Work requires flexibility in adjusting to continuously changing situations and daily schedule

  • Work involves a high level of decision-making and the ability to keep information confidential

  • Work requires frequent use of computer programs and data analysis

  • Work involves planning and collaboration with others on targeted organizational changes

  • Work involves travel in and outside the district

  • Mobility to be responsive to student and staff situations throughout building/campus

Physical Requirement:

The position requires the administrator to:

  • Sit, walk, climb stairs, and drive throughout the day

  • Use general hearing, speaking, and visual skills

  • Use of cognitive reasoning to interpret reports, compare, edit, organize and evaluate

  • Hearing, speaking, mobility and visual skills sufficient to successfully perform duties

Candidates who apply prior to the deadline will receive first consideration.

The Appleton Area School District is an Equal Opportunity employer and does not discriminate against applicants or employees based on race; age; sex or sexual orientation; gender or gender identity; creed or religion; color; handicap or disability; marital, citizenship, or veteran status; membership in the National Guard, state defense force, or reserves; national origin or ancestry; arrest or conviction record; use or non-use of lawful products off the District's premises during non-working hours; or any other characteristic protected by law.  The District encourages applications from all segments of the population.             

- An Equal Opportunity Employer-  

Job ID: 73493297

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